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A New Philosophy on Sunglasses

Co-founded by California-based Optometrists Dr. Mona Reddi, OD & Dr. Preny Honarchian, OD, Teux was born out of the desire to create a luxury line of aesthetic sunglasses catering to every age group, with materials that actually protect the eyes. 

What do we mean by materials that actually protect the eyes? Starting with the lens material, all the lenses are German-engineered reputable Zeiss lenses [allowing for a more crisp/comfortable/HD vision] + 100% UVA/UVB blocking. Every single lens is Polarized, reducing glare + squinting, a high-end feature that many designer brands actually do not include in their sunglasses. To ensure durability of the sunglasses, we upgraded all of the frames to have 5 barrel gold hinges. All of the frames are made with Italian Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate, making them hypoallergenic & biodegradable. All Teux sunglasses endure a careful, multi-step hand inspection process by our manufacturers in Italy, in order to even make it into our final inventory.

The TEUX matching sunglasses set was designed to help start these healthy habits early on & create awareness about the significance of wearing sunglasses from a young age. As protective as they are stylish, this set is a great gift for any duo’s — mothers & daughters, fathers & sons, girl dads, boy moms, and even aunts & uncles who want to match with their mini.

Handmade in Italy, Teux sunglasses are meant to help embody a feeling of belonging to the moment. Whether it’s going on an early morning coffee run, a summer family vacation, disconnecting by enjoying time in nature, poolside with a refreshing cocktail in hand, or adding the finishing touches to your wardrobe — Teux co-founders encourage mindfulness, self-care, creating memories, and living in the here and now.

Pillars we stand by

Quality / Awareness / Eye Health

Teux's exclusive, premium collections are designed in California and handmade in Italy with a meticulous design, sampling, and production process that takes 8-12 months per item, ensuring sustainable practices and quality. We conscientiously aim to reduce waste by choosing mostly recyclable materials for our products and packaging. We stand by premium-grade materials that are science-backed, reflecting our commitment to educate, create awareness, and protect your eye health.